2020-2021 WELCOME BACK!!!!

It’s that time of year again, A NEW DANCE YEAR! YAY!


  1. Intro – Things to Talk About at Home Before Dance Starts
  2. Prepping for Class
  3. Arriving at The Studio/Dropping Off
  4. During Classes – Our Commitment to Keeping Fun Safe
  5. Leaving the Studio/Pick-up Time
  6. Extras Staff are Doing to Keep the Kids Safe
  7. Zoom Class as an Option/What To Do When Your Child is Sick
  8. Outro – Last Minute Thoughts to Get Pumped for a New Year


It’s a new dance year! Maybe some kids haven’t seen their friends since the Spring, or have only had some “Social Distant” or Zoom time to catch up AND NOW THEY GET TO SEE EACH OTHER IN PERSON!  How exciting.  And the teachers?  Oh, we all missed everyone so much and the kids have gotten so big!  Man, this is going to be such a great year! And with all these emotions swirling we all just want to give each other all great, big, hugs!!! STOP!!!!  Welcome to a different year, where all those things are true...but no big hugs yet.  Please tell your amazing kids that we all wish we could give our big bear hugs, hang off each other and just forget about everything else – but that’s just not possible...yet ? That will be one of the biggest challenges, especially for our “littles” this year but let’s not pretend it’s just them that will struggle with this.  Please talk to your kids, regardless of age, and tell them that right now this year is full of “air hugs”, HUGE smiles, and lots of excitement that isn’t done quite as close as we’re used to.  Take some time to explain how much their teachers and friends care, so they don’t think we don’t wish we could give them the monster hugs they deserve.  When we can though....watch out!  We will all get used to this for the time being, and when we can the hugs and high fives, all the things we’ve waited for will FOR SURE happen.  We know that without a doubt.


Other than talking about hugs, and learning that waves and smiles are just as awesome, the following are some little points to help you be prepared BEFORE you leave the house for class.

  • Have your dance outfit on before you get to the studio – to cut down the amount that the washrooms are used, we ask that students are dressed in their dance clothes before they get to the studio
  • Pack up only what you need for class each night – kids will be able to have very little out in their “cubby’s” and bring very little in to class (this cuts down on surfaces that several hands could touch accidentally and means less that needs to be sanitized) - hopefully this means that our “always growing” collection of water bottles, odd socks and left behind t-shirts is much smaller this year
  • Quick reminder that (unless your child is a pre-beginner) parents will be outside the doors, or if you’ve pre-arranged, out in the vehicle – this is super important as you’d be surprised at how quickly the kids panic when they don’t “see” mom/dad/auntie/uncle/grandma etc. When the walk out of class
  • MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS NAMES ARE IN AND ON EVERYTHING THAT IS THEIRS!  We will not be riffling through bags and having kids throw things everywhere when someone misplaces a shoe.  If everything is labeled, you’re set!


  • Make sure to drop kids off at the door marked “ENTER” as this will be the only place they will go in - if there is someone there, wait back until your child can safely be dropped off so we make sure everyone feels comfortable
  • Unless your child/ren is in Pre-Beginner, you will be dropping them off at the door (remember we have big glass doors and lots of windows so you can peek in as you are able – but don’t worry a bit as we will be there for you kiddos!)
  • Dancers should go directly to a sanitizing station and sanitize their hands (something good to practice at home so they know how to do it and so it feels normal)
  • Remove outdoor shoes, jacket etc. and place them in “cubby” - only one per dancer please
  • Put on dance shoes (if they are having trouble, they can hold them and someone will help them, no worries there!) and, unless your child/ren has multiple classes and shoe changes, if their shoes were in a small bag, put that in the cubby too
  • Find the sign with your first teacher’s picture on it and go and wait directly in that area only – that is where we will come and get the kids from and they need to wait in their classes designated spot only (no running around or going to other classes spots) - great time to work on air hugs, waving and big smiles with their friends ? 
  • For parents of Pre-Beginners; one parent may come in per child and follow all of the above, including waiting with your child/ren in the designated spot until they are called to class


  • No parents will be allowed to wait in the lobby between classes – this cuts down on the amount of people in one place at one time as well as how many people are in the building total (please talk to your kiddos about this in advance so if they sometimes get a bit anxious about this you’ve already chatted and they aren’t taken by surprise) PRE-BEGINNERS WE WILL HAVE SPECIAL GUIDLINES FOR YOU! WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED!
  • Upon entering, dancers will be given lots of help and guidance as to where to place a water bottle (only brought if needed) and their shoe bag (again only if needed for that night), and where to stand while attendance is done
  • High touch areas will be sanitized often – at the very least between EVERY class, but possibly more depending on the class itself
  • Sanitizer will always be administered as needed during class
  • Teachers, assistants and helpers will be sanitizing their hands throughout all classes 
  • Physical distancing will be used as much as possible including when lining up to dance across the floor, doing barre work, etc.
  • If you or your child feel it is best to wear a mask, we will 100% respect your decision, and ensure that everyone in the class respects it too – everyone feeling safe and happy is always our priority!
  • We will maintain the same upbeat, excited and fun atmosphere B2D has always had – whether it be a funny air hand-shake, air-hugs, jumping up and down, or anything else ridiculously fun we can think of, we will STILL HAVE A BLAST, all while staying safe


  • After an AWESOME class, students will leave through the EXIT door only – this is where you can wait outside to pick them up
  • Students will grab their belongings from their “cubby” (which they can access from the “Exit” side as well) and will exit the building directly to you
  • For older students, we will allow for them to go your vehicle for pick-up, if you choose – please discuss this in advance so they know who they are looking for and are not wandering around outside
  • If you will have a time conflict any evening, and will not be there on time PLEASE ENSURE TO LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE whenever possible – we will have to be moving efficiently during entry and exit so as to keep everyone safe, secure and calm, and so will need to know if we are working in to the plan keeping a student safely in their own spot in the studio while they wait for you to arrive at the time you have designated you will be there
  • For Pre-Beginners; one parent per child will be able to come in and wait for their child in the same place they were dropped off, with anything needed to leave (shoes, jacket, etc.) and once the little one is secured, exit from the EXIT door


  • All high touch and high traffic areas will be sanitized between every class
  • All acro mats and props will be sanitized between every class
  • As mentioned, teachers, assistants and helpers will be sanitizing hands throughout the evening
  • Physical distancing will be used as much as possible
  • Floors will be sanitized daily
  • Washrooms will be sanitized continuously throughout the night
  • There will be constant communication, and helpful direction to ensure kids know what to do, where to be etc. so they feel supported and we can help them focus on having awesome classes every night
  • Continuing to adhere to Saskatchewan Health guidelines as to what is allowed in classes, and keep updated on the best practices to ensure your kids safety is our priority


  • Zoom Class option can be signed up for on the Born 2 Dance website
  • We will be offering Zoom classes for recreation dance classes, with the exception of acro, for those who are not yet ready to come back to class (immuno-comprised, etc.) - PLEASE NOTE; If choosing this option, your child will not be in a performance at the end of the year, nor will they be able to come to classes some times, and do Zoom other times – it is an option for the year in its entirety
  • When your child is sick please follow the Saskatchewan Health Authority guidelines – if they have a fever or cough, do not send them to class (instead, you can tune in to Zoom that night so they do not miss because you are being cautious)
  • Use your best judgement – we understand this is a difficult time and kids will get sick “as normal” - we ask you to follow the above-mentioned step and know that no one will be penalized for being cautious


Please know that NONE of what is in this guideline is meant to scare anyone, or cause anyone stress, quite the opposite really.  We want you to know we are constantly thinking through what is best for everyone, making sure we are taking all appropriate precautions and keeping your kids' safety and well-being in the forefront of our minds always.  You’re our family too – our dance family – and we will do everything we can to insure that not only is everyone safe, but that we have an AMAZING year on top of it!  We truly feel we will come out of this stronger, wiser and better for it – years down the road we’ll be saying things like “remember that year when we had the pandemic protocols? What an amazing year that turned out to be!” and we know that none of that could even be possible if it wasn’t for all of you.  From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your understanding, your patience, your help and your support, which has never wavered, as we all steer through these crazy times.  B2D cares deeply for you all, and we know we are all so lucky God blessed us with such an incredible group to get through this with!

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