Solos, Duos, Trios

Competitive Solos, Duos, Trios

Thank you for your interest in doing a solo, duo or trio with Born to Dance this season! This is always a great opportunity for you to get to work one on one with the teachers, learn more about your individual strengths, and get to perform on stage, showcasing the beautiful gifts that God has placed in you as a dancer, bringing praise to His name through dance!

Solos / duos / trios are open to all students in the genre of dance they are taking. Please consider the level of commitment that is required if your child decides they would like to perform a solo/duo/trio.

There will be an extra cost of $100 for 4 private lessons to learn their choreography.

There will be multiple group/dress rehearsals, and a requirement that your child is practicing their routine at home as well.

Costumes for solos/duos/trios are the parent’s responsibility to find and purchase.

Children taking part in solos/duos/trios are given the opportunity to participate in competitions with the Born to Dance team. Dates for competitions are set, and there is no solo/duo recital. Please note, there will be entrance fees to participate in each competition per dance. If you think your child would be interested in this, please start the discussion now, as we only have time for so many private lessons.

Please read through the entire contract as you MUST AGREE WITH ALL TERMS in order to sign up for solos, duos or trios. Registering and participating in any solo, duo, trio program(s) means both parent and child understand and agree.

Solo, Duo, Trio Contract



Students who had solos and duos from last year and wish to re-use them this year are welcome to do so for the cost of 50$ and two refresher lessons. These lessons will NOT  be used for the teacher to re-teach your solo but for you to receive any updates the teacher may want to make and to help get the dance back up to working order. IF THE TEACHER HAS TO RE-TEACH THE DANCE THIS BECOMES A NEW SOLO AND THE FULL 100$ WILL NEED TO BE PAID. 

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